She has wide experience in dealing with various authorities both private and government departments.

Susan has more than a decades experience in law. She also has wide experience in National and International Arbitration and also provide legal services in matters relating to Marriage and registration.

She has addressed and resolved legal issues including the following kinds:

  • Managed and participated in negotiating many agreements.

  • Drafted and reviewed all types of contracts, agreements, deeds, and other legal documents.

  • Provided legal consultation (verbal/written) and rendered legal opinion on various matters.

Over those years she has worked for some of the courts largest criminal defense law firms.

This experience has provided with an intimate knowledge of the Courts, Judges, and District Attorneys which allows to provide high quality representation to the clients.

Attempting to solve a legal issue on your own can impact your desired outcome to an irreversible extent. So, why risk such consequences when the dedicated lawyers are around to offer advice and guide you to achieve the desired results?

We identify the need and importance of providing effective and high-quality legal services, which also will be personalized to cater to every client’s needs.